Snapchat Updates Features as Stocks Plummet

Snapchat Updates Features as Stocks Plummet

Snapchat, a social media application, which allows users to snap pictures with fun filters and send them to friends, launched their “snap map” June of 2017, letting their users see places friends have gone, or currently are. The map also shows activity when users snap shots and update their “our story” feature.

The map is optional for users, allowing them to decide whether or not to share their location with friends and family. A feature called “ghost mode” lets users hide their location, and they can change it back whenever they like. The map includes a tutorial for new users, which walks them through the ins and outs.

Some of the instructions in the tutorial include how to zoom via pinching the screen, how to view the latest news by tapping on “new updates”, how to switch between different users updates on the map, how to find and change settings, where to find your latest update and check which friends have already viewed it, and how to delete new statuses. The user controls for Snapchat’s

Snapchat has decided to update its “snap map” which will allow users to see when contacts check in at various locations around their town. The map will indicate these new locations with an icon of the friend or colleague at places such as beaches, shopping centers, grocery stores, airports, concerts, and more. This update will coincide with the “our story” feature, which announces news, indicating on the map where these events take place as well.

Users who change their status via the map can only do so one at a time and this change can be viewed for up to 8-24 hours depending on how active members are with logging into the app. Those who don’t login for 8 or more hours will have their location erased from the map, while those who are active will see it for the full allotted amount of time.

Other Snap News

Aside from the change in the “snap map”, Snapchat has also recently banned advertisements related to cryptocurrency. This is following the banning of ICO-related content by other social media giants and search engines, like Facebook and Google. The ban has not yet taken place, with cryptocurrency ads still featured for now. This change in the cryptocurrency climate began in January of this year and has changed the way that most social media platforms will market. Twitter has yet to change their ad rules regarding ICO content, but it’s rumored that they’re also planning to make a switch.

The reason for the sudden change has to do with fraudulent information and a negative view on unregistered securities from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC. To reduce cryptocurrency scams, well-known sites are cracking down on posting these advertisements, most banning them altogether.

Snapchat Stocks Not So Hot in Light of Rihanna Ad

In 2008 the world was excited by the news that pop sensations Chris Brown and Rihanna were an item. Unfortunately, in 2009, this excitement was extinguished when it came to light that Rihanna had been physically abused and domestic violence was at hand. Now, it seems snapchat has seen a massive drop in stocks after the launch of an offensive advertisement.

Apparently, the social media outlet ran an advertisement showing a game modeled around “would you rather?” One of these scenarios asked if users would rather punch Chris Brown or slap Rihanna. Fans of the app were open with their distaste for the ad, and after Rihanna herself saw it, she issued a statement on her Instagram account. The response stated that snapchat shouldn’t have spent money on something which brings shame to victims of domestic violence, and pokes fun at them. She also stated that her upset wasn’t due to her own discomfort from the ad, but due to her concern for other women, children, and men who have suffered from domestic violence.

Due to the backlash from the Rihanna debacle, snapchat watched stocks drop $800 million. Backlash from users and Rihanna cost the app $800 million as stocks fell by 4%. Snapchat has issued an apology and an excuse, citing the advertisement as an accident which hadn’t been properly reviewed before being uploaded.

Another Setback for Snapchat

It isn’t only the Rihanna scandal making it difficult for snapchat stocks to stay on top; they also recently lost more than a billion dollars following a flippant Twitter post from Kylie Jenner. The model and reality television star asked her 25-million plus followers if any of them still used snapchat, because she doesn’t.

Kylie’s strong social media presence caused a drop in snapchat users and a switch in the trajectory of snapchat stock as stock holders realized the flack it would take following such a lack of enthusiasm by a celebrity.

The change in stock status for snapchat doesn’t mean the social media platform is on its way out, however. Social media stocks often fluctuate, and with the introduction of new snap map features and other promised upgrades, there’s sure to be a rise in stock, or at least Snapchat hopes there is.

You can follow the rise and fall of snapchat stocks more closely by checking the daily stock report which can be accessed online or through various newspapers. As for updates to their latest snap technology, reports are issued directly from snapchat, and are featured on various online news sites.

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