How to Avoid Filtered Yelps.

How to Avoid Filtered Yelps.

After having one of my own businesses get nearly all of its reviews filtered.  I started testing the best way to avoid filtered Yelps.

Getting your client Yelp reviews filtered can be frustrating for both the business owner and the reviewer.  I have many a business owners who come to me asking for advice on this situation specifically.

Based on my research of Yelps process for filtering I have determined a few factors that the algorithm considers.  These factors when put in place have seen a 90% improvement in filtered Reviews:

– Is your Yelp account connected to Facebook?  I have proven data that if Facebook and Yelp are connected you have a better chance of not being filtered.

– The frequency of check-ins on your mobile device.  Yelp is looking for the active Yelper – Check-ins are part of this.  Retail or Restaurant? Offer check-in specials at your location.  Location tracking ensures the written review, later on, is validated.  This will allow remind the reviewer with each login to comment on their experience.

– Friends on Yelp via Facebook, e-mail, etc.  More than 3 friends have shown a reduction in filtered reviews.

– Compliments.  Giving someone compliments.  We noticed If I complimented other nonfriend reviewers this showed improvement.

– IP address.  If you have reviews coming from the same IP address – they will filter the review out 1 in 3 reviews.

– Sliding Scale.  Finally, just like your American History grade in High School, a sliding scale is used.  If you have 300 reviews and your competitors only have 60.  You will have reviews filtered.

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