How I increased a Flower Shops conversions by 900% in 2 weeks.

How I increased a Flower Shops conversions by 900% in 2 weeks.

Are you a Flower Shop looking to increase retail visits and online orders ? I was instrumental in helping an online flower shop increase conversions from 1:30 to 1:3 in only two weeks. How did I do it? By using high tempo A/B testing and some aggressive cart layout fixes:

1) Customers looking for flowers don’t prefer an overwhelming array of options, but instead want more unique flowers and arrangements.

With the customer in mind, I recommended that the flower shop offer a “Bouquet of the Day”, which could give a custom feeling, still with bulk purchasing – this lowered inventory costs, and removed the “looking around” and decision-making from the visiting customer.

Result: The flower shop began saving money on flowers not being ordered per day, and was able to make beautiful, unique arrangements with bulk purchasing. The cart abandonment rate plummeted by 90% as customers appreciated the idea of leaving the flower design choices to the flower shop professionals.

2) Customers aren’t usually purchasing more than one arrangement at a time.

On higher-priced or one-time purchased items including flowers, cakes, furs, watches, and the like, customers aren’t usually buying more than one at a time. I felt it was unnecessary to offer continued shopping or to cross-sell other arrangements. I also moved the decision-making into one easy-to-use page that asked questions and moved the customer to ordering (SEE BELOW PHOTO).

Within two weeks, sales increased by 900% on the same traffic-by-traffic comparison and abandon cart went to near zero.

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